Built-in PLC

Software (Built-in) PLC

Standard feature of NACHI AX controller series is a built-in software PLC (ISaGRAF-PRO platform) which significantly extends possibilities to achieve common end user requirement – cost saving. The built-in software PLC supports IEC1131 standard languages. Peripheral equipment that required a separate control cabinet (for a hardware PLC) can now be controlled directly from the AX20 controller using the Software PLC. The Software PLC supports the IEC1131 specification allowing custom logic to be created. This enables the robot to interface with multiple communication solutions such as Device Net, Profibus, Interbus, RIO, CC-Link and discrete I/O. The Software PLC can be programmed off-line using commercially available software tools or directly through the robot teach pendant in user-friendly ladder logic format.

Software PLC is NACHI Europe STANDARD Feature !