NE standard spec.

NACHI EUROPE GmbH is delivering robots for customers on European market with following standard equipment. Described accessories and features are part of each new robot supply.  Many of the features found standard within the Nachi Robotic product line are optional with our competition. Every Nachi controller includes standard software such as: Software-PLC, Interface Panel, Palletizing, XYZ Shift, Hot-Edit, Search, TCP Speed Proportional Outputs, High Speed Interference Detection, Robot Language, Auto-Tool setting, Auto-COG, Auto-Inertia functions. From hardware features Teach pendant with Touch screen which converts the simple Teach pendant into a multipurpose HMI interface panel and much more. Nachi strives to provide our customers with the latest high performance technologies at reasonable cost, making Nachi Robotics the best choice for your robotic automation solutions.