Vision System

NV AX Vision system

The NV-AX Vision Sensor is Nachi's image processing system that is integrated into the AX controller. High-performance digital image processing technology and image defect tolerant search tool delivers outstanding object recognition. The NV-AX system can be purchased in several application specific configurations including Synchro-Vision, 2.5D Posture Vision, Simple 2D Vision, and Stereo 3D Vision. The Nachi NV-AX High-Speed Synchro-Vision System features "no pause" image acquisition that reduces cycle time by simultaneously processing robot motion and (2D or 3D) vision functions. The Nachi NV-AX Posture Vision System, a single-camera 2.5D vision solution, provides adaptive pattern recognition with real-time motion compensation. NV-AX is easy to operate and is fully programmable through the robot teach pendant.

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High Performance Image Processing

Nachi's high performance search tool and high-speed digital image processing minimize external interference and secure proper workpiece position search in real industrial working conditions.