SC, ST Clean

ST133CF / ST166CF / ST210CF

Clean room robots

Special series Clean room 6 axis robot vertically articulated and handling heavy loads in clean manufacturing environment.  Meets ISO 14644-1 Class 6 rating.

Technical highlights

Heavy payload

* Maximum payload up to 210kg
* Perfect for large panels handling

Improved maneuverability      

* Faster with improved rigidity
* reduced cycle times
* minimized flexure and vibration

Clean room rating     

* ISO 14644-1, class 6 compliant

Easy operation    

* Simple usage with large LCD Teach Pendant
* Greatly reduced robot programming times
                                                                                                             Data Sheet


Clean room robot

The largest FPD glass substrate transfer 6axis robot for the clean environment on the market.

Technical highlights

Flexible transfer

* 6 axis structure ensure great motion flexibility
* Vertical pick up, rotation and many other
  transfer type is possible

Powerful payload & Large envelope

* Arm length and large envelope allows transfer
  of 10th generation FPD panel
* up to 3600 mm max reach
* Up / Down envelope up to 4800 mm
                                                                                                                Data sheet




This model has no CE marking available at the moment !
Please, contact NACHI Europe GmbH for further detailes.