ST Fast series

ST133F / ST166F / ST210F

NACHI ST series ranks among the most reliable robots on the market. Last generation called ST FAST series made a significant step ahead in performance. Speed increased by 15% (compared with last generation), payload increased up to 210kg, accuracy improoved to ± 0.2mm, protection rating IP67 for the wrist and IP54 for robot body as standard. Excellent mechanical design with improved arm rigidity and internal gear structure is a guarantee for Nachi ST robot series well known longlife and nearly maintenance free operations.

Technical highlights

Strong, Fast, Accurate

* Fastest robot in its class (15% increase speed capability)
* Payloads 133kg,166kg,210kg plus additional 45kg forearm load
* Accuracy: ±0.2mm (position repeat accuracy)
* Strong and reliable robot mechanical design
* Integrated air, water, power & application cables
* Protection rating IP67 for Wrist Assy and IP54 for body


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ST133F-01A/ ST166F-01A /ST210F-01A


ST133TF-01A/ ST166TF-01A /ST210TF-01A

   (A-TRAC Shelf Mount type)

Technical highlights

A-Trac  -  Cable management system

* NACHI as one of Spot Welding applications market leader
  developed special dress package, so called A-TRACK.
  This specification was especially design to achieve superior
  spot welding capability hand in hand with fastest motion
  of same class mechanism. 

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ST133TF / ST166TF / ST210TF



Technical highlights

* The technical specification is same as ST Fast.
* Extended reach of J1 and J3 axis.



       Data Sheet           ST-F vs.ST-TF