Teach Pendant


NACHI's enhanced color graphic teach pendant with fine resolution 6.5" LCD display, in addition equipped with digital touch screen (NACHI Europe standard). The teach pendant is lightweight and has been ergonomically designed with function and safety keys readily accessible to the operator. Troubleshooting and maintenance is simplified through visual cues (example: if an error occurs, the likely causes and remedies are graphically displayed on the teach pendnant by pressing the TP help key).





NACHI Interface panel

Customer defined HMI panel on Teach Pendant. Using the Interface Panel software, the operator can customize up to 248 HMI screen icons that can display program and process information on the teach pendant  Each of 8 pages offers 32 user defined positions for usual control elements e.g. signal lights, switches, buttons, push-buttons, counters and many other kind. Refer to picture below.